Our Team

Mericon AS was founded in 1990. Our team members are highly qualified with educational backgrounds within pharmacy, cell biology, biochemistry, chemistry, physiology and zoology. We have more than 20 years’ experience within Norwegian and European regulatory affairs.

Nils-Ragnar Myhra, Managing Director

Tel: +47 35 90 85 40

Mob: +47 916 25 273


In 2015, Nils-Ragnar joined Mericon in the role as management for hire before he was permanently hired as Managing Director in 2016. He has a background from retail and media, and in addition extensive experience in business development and recruitment.

As general manager, Nils-Ragnar is responsible for the administrative and commercial tasks in Mericon.

His educational background is economics and marketing from Nord University

Janne Høiset, Senior Adviser

Tel: +47 35 90 85 45

Mob: +47 915 95 747


Janne Høiset joined Mericon in 1998. Drug regulatory affairs was her main working area for many years, but in 2002 she got more involved in marketing compliance, and during the last years it has become her field of expertise.

Janne performs both translation, review and approval of marketing materials/activities, incl. acting as the responsible person for authorisation, ensuring compliance with the Norwegian legislation and the guidelines from the Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Norway (LMI).

Within the same field, she has also held internal courses and performed audits for our clients.

Eva Vognild, Senior Adviser

Tel: +47 35 90 85 42

Mob: +47 918 418 09


Eva Vognild has many years of experience within the fields Drug Regulatory Affairs and Clinical Trials. Her main area of expertise is project management and guidance according to Norwegian and European regulatory procedures and requirements related to MAAs, variations, MA-transfers, renewals etc., incl. all aspects of the national phase of EU regulatory procedures.

She prepares or perform translations of all types of product related information, safety related documents, educational (RMP) materials, texts for the Norwegian Pharmaceutical Product Compendium etc.

She is also part of the Compliance Team, working with translations and review of marketing materials for medicinal products to ensure compliance with the Norwegian legislation and the guidelines from the Pharmaceutical Industry in Norway (LMI).

Mette Hassan, Senior Adviser

Tel: +47 35 90 85 46

Mob: +47 952 54 784


Mette started her career at Mericon in 1995 and is one of our most experienced advisers.

Before she joined Mericon, she worked at the R&D department at a laboratory of Microbiology and Immunology with projects mainly concerning HPV – human papillomavirus, Staphylococcus aureus and meningitis.

At Mericon, her main working areas are Good Distribution Practice, Regulatory Affairs, Cosmetics, Food supplements and Medical Device.

Heidi Anita Kogstad, Senior Adviser

Tel: +47 35 90 85 44


Heidi has a Master of Science within Organic Synthetic Chemistry from the Norwegian Institute of Technology, the University of Trondheim.

Before she joined Mericon in 2005, she had gained experience within production of APIs and other fine chemicals in pilot scale.

In Mericon, her main working areas are Regulatory Affairs Management and Pharmacovigilance.

Britt Vassbotn Kamfjord, Senior Adviser

Tel: +47 35 90 85 41

Mob: +47 957 28 164


Britt joined Mericon in January 2007 and has since then worked with regulatory affairs management for the pharmaceutical industry, both Veterinary and Human medicinal products. Working tasks include guidance acc. to national and European procedures and requirements, translation of medicinal documents, review of packaging material mock-up/print proofs, preparation/update of The Norwegian Pharmaceutical Product Compendium (Felleskatalogen).

Britt has a Master of Science in Zoology (marine biology) from The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU in Trondheim.

Hanne R. Augestad Smith, Senior Adviser

Tel: +47 35 90 85 43

Mob: +47 414 24 714


Hanne holds a Master of science in Physiology from the University of Oslo, with Master thesis within the field of neuromuscular signaling. In addition to previous experience from the pharmaceutical industry, she also has a Postgraduate Certificate in Education and background from educational facilitation within science.

Hanne has been working in Mericon since 2007, and her focus areas are Regulatory Affairs (RA) and Pharmacovigilance (PV). She may assist you with preparation and submission of Marketing Authorisation (MA) applications, maintenance of the MA including variation applications, preparation and update of Product Information and compendium texts (Felleskatalogen), and registration and maintenance in the Norwegian Article Number Register (Farmalogg). Hanne also holds the Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance (QPPV) role for several clients and has expertise in the European pharmacovigilance requirements, quality and pharmacovigilance systems, production and management of safety documents (e.g. RMPs, SPCs), routine PV-activities (e.g. local literature reviews) and training.

Anette Lofthus Kvamme, Senior Adviser

Tel: +47 35 90 85 48

Mob: +47 476 37 512


Anette has a Master’s degree in Pharmacy from the University of Oslo in 2008.

Before joining Mericon in 2017, she worked as a pharmacy pharmacist, with main responsibilities within multidose deliveries to local health care institutions and training of pharmacy students. She also has experience within the field of pharmacovigilance, including practical pharmacovigilance and quality system management.

In Mericon, she primarily works within the field of marketing compliance, with review and approval of marketing material/activities intended for the Norwegian market. She also works within the areas of Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance.

Már Steinsen, Senior Adviser

Tel: +47 35 90 85 51

Mob: +47 905 16 478


Gun Wikman, Senior Adviser

Mob: +47 930 30 836


Gun has a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from Åbo Akademi University in Finland.

She started as pharmacy pharmacist in Finland, and moved to Norway in 1986. She has gained extensive experience from the pharma distribution, biotech and pharmaceutical industry from different marketing- and medical affairs positions.

Before joining Mericon in 2019, she worked several years for an international pharmaceutical company in Norway, in the dept. of Medical Affairs where she was responsible for marketing compliance.

Her work in Mericon is primary within the field of marketing compliance, with review of marketing materials for medicinal products to ensure compliance with Norwegian legislation and the guidelines from The Pharmaceutical Industry (LMI) in Norway.

Gro Haukenes, Accounting

Tel: +47 35 90 85 31