Christmas gift

Mericon has chosen the local group of Enestående familier as the recipients of this year’s Christmas gift.

“Enestående familier” is a part of the nationwide volunteer organization IOGT and offers activities and networking for parents who are often alone with their children or for some reason experience themselves as alone in the parenting role.

In “Enestående familier”, parents and children of all ages and in different life situations meet. Common to all is that they want to get to know other parents better and to have the opportunity to give themselves and their children good experiences together that otherwise would be difficult due to economical constraints or lack of network or both. These activities could be anything that other families would also do in their free time like walks in the forest or skiing, visits to a museum, the cinema or to the swimming pool or a weekend trip to a cabin.

The group is run by volunteer parents and all activities are non-alcoholic.