Need of medicinal products in Norway

The Norwegian Medicines Agency has recently announced a need for more suppliers or alternatives on the market in Norway for the active substances glyceryl trinitrate, ivermectin, erythromycin and Ferrous (II) Glycine Sulphate Complex , and want to get in contact with possible suppliers.

The Norwegian Medicines Agency’s announcement list are applicable for medicinal products deemed as critical to the market, with regard to public health. Possible reasons for shortage could be withdrawal, cease of marketing or vulnerable supply. The Norwegian Medicines Agency may evaluate reduced requirements/fees on a case-by-case basis for the products on the announcement list.

Note on the February 6th, the Norwegian Medicines Agency also reported of a permanent withdrawal of Metformin Karo Pharma tablets by 2020 (September/December). Karo Pharma currently control a big share of the market for diabetes medicinal products. The Norwegian Medicines Agency is searching for alternative suppliers.

If you need support with applications or advice in regard to national procedures and requirements, please contact us.

Please follow the link to find more information and the detailed list of applicable medicinal products: